Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Just a little reminder about change! Bring it on...

I realized earlier this week I had not posted in over 4 months.  My self-proclaimed no. 1 fan said "You know what I miss? I miss your blog."  Those words have echoed in my mind for a few days now, so here I am.  Where to begin and how to summarize the many thought running a million miles a minute inside my mind. 

I could write about the many wonderful things that happened to me this summer, or even in the last six months. I could write about how my life has taken an exquisitely lovely turn into the bliss of true love, partnership and the dawn of a new life that will bring much joy, never sugarcoating the challenges that may come, but looking at them in the face, saying "I am not afraid. I've made it this far!"

What seems to be bubbling up inside is a feeling of calmness, peace, with a hint of excitement of what may come.  New life, new routines, a move, a big move, a shift. In other words ...change.  Many of us can't quite handle change very well. And "change" itself can be yucky word symbolizing something may be broken and needs fixing, or an end, a loss; something we need to adjust and get used to again. 

But is it a "thing", this change we are so afraid of? No, I think it is in ourselves. We need to change, or figure out how to react when that change comes... I can speak for one that has HAD TO find an appreciation to balancing change with routine.  Yes, it's called balance: a novelty concept! ;-)  I am no expert in it, but I certainly have had to embrace it, and you know what... get used to it.  Change comes to our lives every day, at any age, in any shape or form.  From being a 12 year old whose mom suddenly dies, to having to leave the comfort zone that is home, family, for education and new perspective because you were taught just that: there is a whole world right in front of your eyes, if you just OPEN THEM!  

Change is good. It's not easy, I never said that.  But, amidst routines and staleness of how "things have been" or how "they used to be", the clock keeps ticking.  Time passes, and life is precious...Oh, so precious.  So, change comes.  So what do we do?  How do we handle it?  Do we get angry? Maybe. Sad? Sure.  I made a decision a long time ago to NOT allow the uncomfortable and sometimes awkward feelings that change brings to linger.  My pity parties are short lived--I simply don't have time for them.  Too many blessings and wonderful lives and loves to celebrate.  

CAVEAT:  I am more than aware that "change" comes in different layers of intensity as I have mentioned, so consider the word change loosely, yet loaded, as it can be applied to so many aspects in our lives. And I have learned from one person in particular how to handle major life change with patience, acceptance, grace, and even humor. He is my hero and my example... 

So, the decision is this, and I remind myself of it every day when anything hints change in my life... 

get over it, get used to it... Whatever it is that life places in front of you that prompts change, stand firm. Look at it in the eye and do not be afraid of it.  It's a lesson from a much higher power put forth because by now, you've been able to pass many a tests, jumped through hoops, survived some of the most horrific heartaches faced.  You are stronger than you know... and a little bit of change in your routine can be faced with strength, courage and resilience.