Monday, May 6, 2013

I see good people...

Nobody is perfect. Nobody should judge others either. I mean, let's look in the mirror. Child, please. I do it too, mind you. At least I do my best to stop, think and DECIDE what comes out of my mouth before I say---peep---, especially if it's about another person. Then I stop myself. I am getting better at it with age.. LORD, I am getting old. ;)

People's quirkinesses make them unique. Those same nuances can be annoying... Ha, I have some myself. I need to pour sugar BEFORE I pour the coffee into my steamed milk. Duh, don't you know that will keep the milk from curdling. When I go to an amusement park, specifically to the Disney parks, I start clockwise versus counter-clockwise. Don't ask.., I just know that Magic Kingdom always started with Fantasy Land, then Adventure Land and that is clockwise. Weird, I know.

So, distinctive personality traits in others can drive people crazy. But isn't that what makes individuals a little wacky, and quite lovable at times? To be imperfectly perfect. I have used that phrase to even describe relationships. Who wants perfect... Perfect is boring. Imperfectly perfect in all its chaos. That I have embraced in others, perhaps in me.

One of my best friends is always and I mean ALWAYS late for everything. Being late is something that drives ME loca! I will forever challenge my very own cultural stereotype: Latinos are late for everything. Not me, NO sir! I rather arrive some place early and wait it out; gives me a chance to check out my surroundings. Yes, I am spying. LOL!

I decided to title this post "I see good people" because the line (spoken in a creepy "I see dead people" mental whisper--come on, admit it, you thought the same thing!) really spoke to me.

Two weekends ago a group of about 35 people came and painted my neighbor's house and did their landscape. It was a service group project, very Habitat for Humanity-like. The same weekend, I spent time with people who were on retreat learning about building Christian communities. Basically, intentional communities who share faith, prayer and a common goal of making the world a better place, looking through Marianist lenses. CAVEAT- for new readers, and I know I have some new ones, refer to some of my old posts for Marianist lingo and definitions- That day I saw good people, doing good things, all for others.

Later that day I got to interact with students from at least 6 different countries that were celebrating their graduation from the university. Students that leave their homeland, family and friends, commit to earning a degree in a foreign country and become part of our community is commendable. Isn't that how many countries and cultures were born? We some times are afraid of those same qualities or quirkinesses that make "them" different than us. I am sucker for people... Even considering the fact that I have been burnt, that we have been burnt. I see good people and I give them the benefit of the doubt.

Last week I got to meet up with a friend and walk around one of the toughest, or historically known, toughest neighborhoods in Cincinnati. I learned about homeless care, job training "second chances" and a conscious effort to help a community stay together. In its challenging days and times, there are good people there. I saw good people.

The news and the media focus so much on the negative. Sure, it sells. Scandal, gossip, war, ugh... It sells, yeah. Whatever! I wish, wish, the segment on NBC Nightly News "Making a Difference" would start, as well as close the broadcast. I wish we would feature more of our students' successes on campus, instead of the rules being broken. I wish more people would know that our teachers are paying out of their own pockets so their students have the necessary materials to do their work. I see good people...

I see leaders who are dedicated, heart, body and soul, to their vocation. By vocation, I mean it holistically---and that's a separate blog post for later!---who face challenges every single day, but they "take it in the face" for the benefit of the organization. Leaders who face adversity with dignity and courage are the best.. .the present ones, the often quiet ones, who make us believe again. I see good people.

In the midst of chaos, war, poverty and individual whatevers that make us irk or cringe at the sight of the very things or those you know who's that annoy us, I see people who care, who work hard, who love, who go the extra mile, and extend a helping hand. I see those who hug when a friend is in pain, who offer to help without uttering a word, but with an honest look in the eyes of the person in need.

I see good people and I am thankful.

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