Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Last year's post on my forthcoming 38th birthday was pretty good, according to my readers, including quoting Carrie Bradshaw! "Your 30s are for the lessons" and boy, have I learned mine.

I have been 39 years old for almost a week now... My, how time flies. :)

Since the last year of the decade for yours truly to be known as a "thirtysomething" has kicked into gear I will write the obligatory, and hopefully, meaningful reflection. However, it will not without its fare share of mixed emotions as I think back at all the events of the year's past.

After nursing a few wounds that only those of us, that rare and unique species known as "phenomenal women, single mom's that can kick Wonder Woman' ass any day because we have been put down, emotionally abused and crushed, yet we find the inner strength to get OURSELVES up, by ourselves, for ourselves and our kids and dare to move on" understand, I realized one important lesson: there is life after "whatever."

For a minute there I felt the post turning sad and negative. Ummmm, NO! Negative thoughts, feelings, words, are not in my core. True, I'll have a bad day, we all do. We all have unfortunate close encounters of the nasty kind when we are faced with dealing with lovely folks that can only see ugly. Poor souls. Think about it, we are all tempted, sometimes stalked by loneliness, insecurity and sadness. So what... we are human, we feel. Bad comes with the good, and yes, good comes with the bad.

Well, shooooo, go away! We have one thing in our favor: choice. I know it's harder for some than others, but let's choose to pick our battles, our words, our actions. Boy, have I had to walk away from projectile vomiting (sorry for the visual! ;)) words expressing exactly what I am feeling when addressed in a hurtful, allegedly unintentional way. Haven't we all had to? I think, yes. Walking away is often the best way to put an end to "whatever"  and then consider for one moment the open canvas of possibilities in life after "whatever." I liked my odds! And you what, it starts today...

Today I woke up and after making the huge mistake of checking my email only to respond with a lough UGH upon reading a specific message, I said to myself: only Colbie Callait can help me this morning. I turned on Pandora and wouldn't you know it but "Think Good Thoughts" came on. It is a lovely song that should perhaps be played every morning for eternity. I closed my eyes and listened.

Today we admit the daily grind can be a pain in the ass, right? Universally, I believe that the best way to get through the "stuff" that may turn our skies from sunny to cloudy is to focus on something good. Let's keep it simple, folks, I am not planning to change your life with this entry.

Today, I smiled because my anti-wrinkle cream is working! Hey, for someone who is pushing 40 this is HUGE!! LOL

Today I smiled because I looked at my calendar and had a meeting to debrief strategies on ways to engage alumni in China--I know, I am a nerd, but this makes me happy!

Today I am excited because my son plays Geppetto in the local community center's rendition of Pinnocchio. Hey, that's a big role! This kid loves to ad lib, though. Who knows what may come out of Geppetto's mouth, but I can't wait! :)

Today, I heard a guitar strum over the phone played by a boy who makes me laugh!

Today, I give thanks for my family, who challenges me as much as it loves me, although I feel at times they love me a little too much. ;)

Today I pray for my friend, whose husband is very ill and they begin a very steep, uphill battle to "whatever." Let's keep those prayers coming, everyone.

Today, my wish for you all is that you do what so many are doing, pick and CHOOSE one little thing that makes you smile, that brings you joy. It will make TODAY even more special than any birthday you celebrate...for it's today, a regular today and not an excuse for "whatever." Every day is precious, make today count.

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