Monday, December 8, 2014

Simple nudges we can't take for granted...

Simple nudges we can't take for granted...
T'was February 1998 and while the cast ate, not an eye I found staring, not even my date....

LOL, I crack myself up. That's it for the "Night Before Christmas" reference, for this Rican will admit not knowing how the rest goes... just thought it was fun to start that way.

Anyway, what happened February 1998, was pretty cool, at least for me. My cast of 160 plus people, were either enjoying dinner, doing a last sound and light check on stage, getting their make-up and hair done or signing up on the following day's bus date schedule. UP WITH PEOPLE reference for you, mere mortals, you haven't had the blessing, pleasure and honor to know and be part of this amazing organization that gave me the world and so much more...

While all that was swiftly taking place, I snuck out and ran.  The show was to start about an hour and half later, and I didn't feel like eating dinner. I wanted to work out. Hmmm, where to go. We are in a high school, somewhere in Florida, and for obvious reasons I didn't have access to the students' gym.
Alas, I went outside and saw the track, and jackpot! The gate was open. I began my sprint...

For all who've known me for years may see that if there's a remote physical resemblance to my mother now, it was never there when I was little. I was chubby and I knew it... I was chubby and I was told, over and over and over again. En español, "ay, estas goooorda." Well, after those awkward years of 12-14 came high school, then college... and the freshman 15, or what it 50? Ask my roommates.

Why write about this? Simple, I am not gorda anymore, but the sting of the comments when I was growing up lingered. This is not an entry about eating disorders or joining the track team. The lesson I want to share is, be kind and watch what and how you say things when addressing another person, your loved one, a child.

Eventually, I had to learn to tune out negative comments and make peace with me and who I am, I got over it. Unfortunately, as I grew out of the "taking it in the face" stage and began to defend myself, at times, even explain myself,  and didn't always watch how I was saying what I was saying. I have learned to watch what I say, when I say what I have to say... tongue twisted already? ;) In other words, think a little bit harder before we, I speak.

My son, as a pre-adolescent, hormones out of whack, but magnificent, big-hearted boy, reminds me, "No offence, Mama, but you need to zip it"--- that's when I know I have said enough, or perhaps, I have said something in a way I shouldn't. Thanks, kid, for in the midst of juggling so many balls in the air, the main one labeled "speak from a place of love" slips and I have to quickly find my own balance in order to keep the juggling going.

Back to running... I now have developed an interest and actually, enjoy, a sprint or a jog on almost a daily basis. I do it for my health. I do it because it keeps me fit and I do it because I feel GREAT afterwards, actually happy. There are no plans to join a club, or gym, or to run a marathon anytime soon. My body responds well to this and it shows.

All of this relates, mind you. The running helps me stay in shape and my ticker ticking. I feel good, and I look good. It makes me happy and others around me see it, actually benefit from it. ;) Recently, I was TOLD, you "need" to go for your run... ;)  AND all was well afterwards.

Turning 40 has been more eye opening than just adding more anti-wrinkle cream to my maintenance routine. It's been only a month and a day since I began this new decade, which I have stated before, is regarded as the best for women!!! Already I have been reminded of love, friendship, family, and so many blessings to be grateful for. It also has pinched and nudged me not to raise my voice when it is unnecessary, to be patient and not to worry so much about little things that may be little to everyone, except to me, and to always, always speak from a place of love, even when what I am facing a challenge. Another great reminder, which never hurts to hear, is that if a mistake is made, a cruel word is spoken or in an unloving way, own it and apologize and speak from a place of love. Never take for granted those who stand by you, who love you and tell you. They are still around because they do care, for reals. :)

We've dwelled enough... The lesson is simple and a positive one. Well, maybe two lessons braided into one: do what it takes to feel good, healthy, and happy, for it will only allow you to love, act, BE and speak in love. 

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