Thursday, January 7, 2016

One word: Thank you!

How to sum up a year? How is it possible to describe an array of experiences, emotions, reactions, rejections, all valid, all appreciated, even in the midst of the fog they might have emerged from. Since the 41st year of my life began exactly two months ago, I will spare you the redundancy that would be the lessons learned during the previous and the awesomeness that has manifested from that moment on...  All mostly still in effect, so for a recollection of the last year accounts of the mis-adventures of Jessica, see post "525,600 minutes." You won't be disappointed.

The latter part of 2015 was a bit rough, I won't sugar-coated. I, we, lost loved ones. And you know what, it was painful. In fact, it sucked! These were people of faith who lived their lives in love, for family, dedicated to careers, as wives, mothers, grandmothers, mentors, friends, teachers, priests, giants and scholars, all with the biggest hearts one can only imagine.  For those of us who were touched, nurtured, taught, challenged and loved by all of them, we are blessed. We are better people then we were a month ago, six months, a year ago. So, thank you.

Thank you... for the laughter.

Thank you... for the tears you wiped away.

Thank you.... for the questions I had trouble answering but made me think.

Thank you... for listening when that is all that was needed at the time. No response, no critique, just to listen.

Thank you... for challenging my decisions, for YOU KNEW they weren't really what my heart wanted.

Thank you... for helping me be patient.

Thank you... for reminding us to simply observe and discern; to slow down and have faith. The truth always comes out.

Thank you... for my friends, my colleagues and intellectual equals who fill my mind and heart with the joy of learning, and quench my thirst for knowledge, while nurturing the heart with love.

Thank you... for the children in our lives and the smiles they bring to our souls, for they are "us" and we rejoice in seeing them grow into their own selves, as better versions of ourselves! ;-)

Thank you ... for new days and new year's eves we can celebrate in love and life, in prayer and in sincere gratefulness so we never, ever, take for granted a day in our lives. Each day is a gift and to share that gift with our loved ones is a blessing.

It's only January 7, 2016, and already so many wonderful things are happening.  They can be as simple as a "good morning" or a "thank you" or a "God bless you" or an "I love you"-- all wonderful and all real. No resolutions here, perhaps only to be reminded to enjoy each day and see the good in what it brings, regardless of its challenges. Oh yeah, and homework, now that doctoral studies are HERE. Yes, that too is real! ;-) Take this year and make it yours. DO IT! Have faith and patience and let that be star that guides your way...