Sunday, March 3, 2013

Karma is a what-a? Whatever..;)

God and I have been having really cool conversations lately. For the most part, it's all good and I look up and can't help but smile.

Truth, once in a while I look up and along with my typical "seriously?", comes an un-lady-like desire to say expletives in two languages when things happen that appear to come totally out of Telenovelas! Admittedly, I look up, yet again, and wonder WTF is going on up there?? I tell my mother, "Mama, haz algo, co~No!"- Mom, do something, da..... it! I mean, situations created by what I must describe as Harry Potter-like Dementos, who desperately seek to suck the aura or soul of every being, including yours truly, must only exist in fiction, right? Seriously??

People say "Karma is a bitch" or "Life's a bitch and then you marry one"- whatever! I guess karma is often used to describe when something good happens to you; you have good karma or good/positive karma came to you because you did something good, or are a good person. The flip side (there's always a flip side!) is that if you are a bad person, do something bad to others, then I am sorry to say, bad karma will come to you, be with you. Do onto others what has been done to you? Or, treat others like you want to be treated, right? Food for thought... positive or negative. Of course, I would never, and I stress, NEVER wish any ill on anyone, even if I have reason to. That is not the point of this entry.

Karma or no karma... I am feeling particularly positive and grateful these days. Oh, God only knows really why. You all may say, "she's always so positive, how/why?"- lol! The answer is, I don't know. However, I like it!

Feeling fulfilled in both my professional and personal life is, I know, something not every person enjoys. Ok, my friends are probably yelling STOP- what personal life, you don't have one, remember? Yeah, yeah, let's not worry about that. It will come, right??  I'd like to now take this opportunity and remind my friends, then, do something. Save me from myself! ;) Teach me how to have a personal life. I digress... Smile,

The point I am trying to make is that somehow, whether it's karma (the good one!) bestowed upon me like fairy dust from Tinkerbell reminding me to say "I can fly", or whatever, I have somehow managed to have a positive outlook on life. May God strike me the day I make a decision or take a stand that is hurtful, hateful and unjust. May God help me always find the positive in unfortunate situations, for I know in my heart, those may come and will be the most difficult ones to face.

I went to a workshop last week on change. Specifically, leading change. Who said change was easy? Who said even the person who embraces change (and I am one of them!) considers it a piece of cake when circumstances beyond one's control suddenly change an established routine. Hell no! It's not easy. It sucks! It's painful and scary. Stop. Think. Discern. Decide. Act.  That is what I have learned to do. How to do "it" - take on the change- is the challenge.

We were taught about the cost of change. The intellectual cost - all the thoughts that go through our minds when we face change. The emotional cost- all the feelings; fear, anger, loss and grief, excitement, hope. The physical cost- moving to a new location, traveling more, losing income, gaining income. Change comes with a price and it can be expensive. Is it worth it? Yes, at times!

A change in attitude can mend relationships, a change in address can bring people closer, or a change in jobs can provide a career path to a young professional. I am a big fan of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." However, a little change (with thought, discernment and action) may be a good thing. Granted, some will argue that change brought on by decisions made on a whim are just as important and life-giving. OK, sure, why not. My issue is in the HOW. Imperative it is how you present the change, how you break the news, how you deliver it, especially when it's bad. Notice my ode to Yoda, just then? ;)

Back to the point--I know, I am rambling ;) --- Change and especially leading through change, should be done with a positive attitude. I look up now and say a quick little prayer hoping I always remember to look at the positive of every situation. I refuse to focus and get stuck on the negative. I am not naive and will look at reality with facts. Even facts and raw, real-life situations have to have hope for the best and a better outcome. If they don't then why would so many amazing initiatives to better life-conditions for those in need exist.- that's just an example. This is how I choose to live. This is how I work and this is who I am. 

I will not apologize for who I am; for being born or being FORMED to look at the positive in every situation. Even when a twelve year old girl lost her mother, grew up with ten thousand questions festering in her mind about all the what if's? Even when she made life-altering decisions which lead to disaster. Even as she faced life on her own --- in EVERY aspect of what being "on her own" meant. In the middle of all that, somehow, there was hope, there was faith and there was sunshine. There was tomorrow--- Cue Annie or Scarlett O'Hara belting out the best line in fiction-turned-into-film cliche! ;) Indeed, there was always, another day. Smile.

Change comes with life and circumstances. All we are handed to deal with is the ability to make a choice. The choice is how to act when facing change. Karma or no karma. Whatever. My two cents to all who are reading this is try, just try, to find the positive in change or in difficult situations that come. It is not easy. I know. It won't be easy. I am sure. Worth the try, I must believe it is...

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  1. Love it!
    Any day your positive attitude will rub off on my realism... :)