Saturday, March 23, 2013

Through the looking glass...

Alice fell asleep and woke up in Wonderland... The reflection of the magical place, where white rabbits run late to croquet tournaments in sheer horror of an evil queen of hearts, finds a striped purple-pink cat smiling with perfect sarcasm residing in every slight bent of its lips. Wonderland you say? Kind of reminds me of a few people I know. LOL!

Alice awakes (in the dream) and goes running after a white rabbit, curious and curious as to what the fuss and rush is about. Run, run, run..."I am late, I am late, for a very important date. No time to say goodbye/hello, I am late, I am late, I am late."  After the rabbit came the twins, Oh Tweedly Dee and Tweedly Dum! Did I ever mention I had professor years ago who if he had a twin... yeah, you get the picture.

The Walrus and the Carpenter, the tea party with the Mad Hatter. Characters that meant something. Really? Selfish manipulating walruses that lure the innocent baby oysters to the dinner table just to eaten, every one. A little carpenter who ran him off and ended the would be hero, only too late to save any of them. Metaphor for not-so-good people, and blast to the unsung "hero" that usually gets ignored.

The best is the Tea Party... a certifiable insane host, another rabbit, a door mouse (what the heck is a door mouse, anyway) all singing "happy unbirthday to you!"  Today is my unbirthday and it is very likely your unbirthday, too! Most certainly, the tea has been spiked with a sweet treat that only the best sugar cane from my native Caribbean provides. Sounds like dinner at my aunt's--- it's a compliment, in case you are wondering. ;)

Yes, I am quite the random blogger today. What's the point? As we say at home "me fui en un viaje!"- I went on quite the trip. Relax, I am awake, very awake, for the record and I have a point. Promise.

Dreaming big, dreaming randomly, making wishes and believing, it's all me. All ME! But some times, I am  Alice looking through the occasionally faded and foggy looking glass, when things don't seem as they really are. Other times, some of us may feel like the rabbit rushing, rushing, searching for something, running after something we simply can't catch. The rabbit gets to his destination- albeit late. Alice finds him at the croquet match, only to be disappointed with the evil Queen of Hearts, along with her Marie Antoinnette-ish charm charging "Off with their heads" to all who question her.

Alice wake up, please wake up Alice. Dreaming big, making wishes and believing is me, it is all me. These days, though, while keeping these qualities and defending them with a shield of armor for protection, I also have to wake up. Being awake, aware and realizing how things truly are, how people really feel and what makes them who they are, is an option that compliments the dreams. Understanding how life works, how people are, is part of life. We may not like it and may want to go back dreaming, but so be it.

Keeping dreams alive is a must. Everyone needs magic in their lives. When the sun rises each morning reality check bids us good day and welcomes us to the newness of today- the moment.

Think about it... pray about it. Stop for a minute and think. Fast forward a bit. Unlike Alice, and while the future seems bright, I choose to be awake today. I choose not worry about tomorrow and only, only, learn from yesterday. Things often are not what they seem when we look through a looking glass... Let's wake up and enjoy now, enjoy today.

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