Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Time is a medicine man...

We learn lessons about life, its ups and downs, challenges and blessings, every single day. Sometimes we even believe that our dear life is over just because something ends or changes.  As drastic as that sounds, yes, we believe that life is over. Life, over?? How dramatic.  Puerto Rican genes kicking, I guess. Oh, yeah, it must be because I indulged in the kitchen during Easter and fried plantains. ;) La mancha de platano no desaparece. The “stain of the plantain never fades”-we say, NEVER! ;) That means that aspects of what makes us who we are never leaves us... stays with us forever!

Anyway, back to change or endings or life...whatever.  Maybe we changed jobs, or a project we put our hearts into comes to a halt, or an academic year ends or we move to a new house.  The lesson, not necessarily learned, but I guess appreciated this time around is that life goes on.  Sounds cliche, I know. Sounds easier said than done.  But the magic word, the secret ingredient, the key to open this particularly “normal” pandora’s box, is not just saying that life goes on. What makes things work, life indeed go on, is time.

Time is an incredible medicine man that shows up unexpectedly. He shows up right when you are at your most vulnerable, at your lowest and feeling not so good about yourself because of whatever this new change, or ending brings.  The medicine man called time knows to always dry those tears streaming down your face after the last sob and last gasp of air is breathed. He holds you in his arms when you are curled up in a ball, sitting on the bathroom floor, feeling cold and lonely. My life is over. The medicine man of time is there... right at that moment.  You are not alone. He helps you up, hugs you again and looks into your eyes (no, you are looking into the mirror and see yourself) sweetly whispering “it will be ok, just give it time.” 

Just because something ends or changes, life goes on and time helps you (helps me!!) cope with the chaotic, yet exciting unknown.  I used to think in chapters, deadlines, goals. I am a planner. That, I don’t think will ever change, but what I have learn to appreciate lately is being a little bit more flexible and open to letting time take care of things. Yes, of course, there are many aspects of our lives we must at least attempt to control, but come on, let’s face it. Not everything is in our control. Time helps. Time heals.

The kid, soft-spoken and sleepy before heading to school, paused and said “Mama, I am going to miss this house.”  He is a very emotional 10 yr old boy.  In less than a moment a thousand flashbacks came rushing through my mind. I mean, not too many things took place in the old place, but the few that did, meant a lot.  We had moved back from St. Louis. Hosted loved ones, celebrated birthdays and watched many a baseball and basketball games.   Life has been good, but we must change and say goodbye to this space. Time will help us celebrate the lovely memories of old and appreciate the new ones to come.

In life, work, faith and spirit I am looking at things with a perspective of openness, excitement for that very same unknown that can freak out at first.  Just because something changes or ends, doesn’t mean things/life is over. On the contrary... it is a journey. It continues... Talk about a cliche, but life does indeed go on. .. and I like it!

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