Thursday, February 20, 2014

What to do? What to say?

What to do? What to say when you feel like some things in your life are working out, yet others seem to be at a stand still. Worse yet, certain things are in what appears to be  permanent state of "I feel like I am talking to the wall" state. Unfortunately for you, you get a feeling that you are starting to hear the wall talk back to you: "honey child, for the upteenth time, don't knock on this door! We don't want what you are selling...ever."

What to do? What to say? Well, you can complain about the items in your life that are not quite where you want them to be, or how you had visualized them. Better yet, you can celebrate those deliciously joyful circumstances in life when love, family, support and accomplishment, all miraculously intertwine and make a gorgeous multicolored braid to add to your hair extensions... Sorry boys, that one was for the girls... or gal pals who like to wear braids- you know who you are! ;)

We can dwell in the annoying nuanses of winter. The cold and bitter wind that came in through our not-so-well insulated windows committed to make our living and breathing self miserable. Or how about the explosive water pipe that froze and flooded our basement just a few days before the thick sheet of ice slid and covered our windshield, leaving us with 0% visibility and completely disoriented, only to attempt to get out of a busy intersection and getting t-boned by a car... on YOUR side. Yeah, true story.

What to do? What to say?

A little boy smiles and glows every time he hears of upcoming adventures on a trail, a future camping trip or anything related to water, is mentioned as part of the morning routine and conversation. The smile. Yes, the smile means more than anything else money can buy-except perhaps the very expensice toy the kid wanted for Christmas. :) No matter, it is still joy to see. What makes it even more meaningful, better than any store-bought toy could? The walking stick he was handed, personally carved after being discovered on the trail. Fresh, raw, begging to be taken on the next adventure the boy was going to embark on. The smile on, the stick in hand, the kid turns to the adults and yells "ONWARD!" 

Rains are here. Wind is blowing hard and I can hear it all around the house. Might Spring be around the corner? My I hope so...But, what to do? What to say in the meantime.

When some things in life don't seem to be working out quite as you wanted them to,  going "unplugged" is perhaps the best thing to actually do. Unplug, disconnect, log-out, shut down. Just be...  A hike on a trail, breathing fresh air, even while it is 30 degrees outside, may just what you need. Who knows... maybe you will stumble a majestic frozen waterfall, literally frozen in time, while you can hear the water running directly behind it, or inside it, in a Narnia-like wonderland hoping to remain in a deep freeze eventhough the sun threatens to melt it away. Fresh air. Maybe birds will be migrating back north and actually singining. A tiny flower bud might even be peaking its petals, slightly open, almost afraid to let go and be. A canoe, raft or kayak could also be docked in the shore, or stored in a garage waiting. Vessels that can transport you in water not only serve to take you from one place to another... alone, or in good company, especially when someone you love, these "boats"  show support, protection, safety and security, are fun and they help you  float.

What to do or what to say when some things in life aren't falling into place the way you want them to... sometimes the best thing to do is get on, get out, and float... you'll get there.

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