Wednesday, February 5, 2014

You are stronger...

Ever wonder what some of us do when there is a snow day, or delay? Some go back to bed, others clean, do laundry, workout, watch lame morning news shows. Somewhat reluctantly, but fully embracing to partaking in all these rituals at one point or another, staying home on a snow day also allows me the time to think... Ah, time, often a commodity we take for granted, often a something we have way too much of and struggle to fill wisely.

Time this morning has allowed me to reflect on the last few weeks of hellish winter weather, that has only solidified the mere fact that I am an island girl and will always be; warm blooded, hose/tights wearing hater, who rather bake in the sun, then freeze in this tundra. Oh well.... if 20 years of living in the Midwest hadn't convinced me that I wasn't born to hibernate, this January surely took care of it.

No, this is not a winter- blast whiny post... On the contrary. What happens when you realize you have tackled crazy weather conditions and lived to tell about it? You realize you are stronger than perhaps you realized. When you balance multiple balls in the air and almost lose one but quickly react to catch it and not let disaster happen, you are stronger.

Today's a-ha moment came as I processed a conversation with a loved one about life, decisions, balancing what needs to happen with what should happen, along with what we want to happen... Easy enough, right? Well, depends on how you look at it. I have to believe that in the midst of life's challenges we as humans, who think and feel (not necessarily equally and in that order!), are programmed to stare right back at life and take it in the face. Take what, you ask... Take whatever comes; good and bad. We are strong. I took it in the face when life brought me joy, love, a son, life-long friends. Hell yeah, I took it in the face! And it made me stronger.

I took it in the face when I was given grief, death, loneliness, heart-break and disappointment. I took it in the face, but I am stronger.

When life's paved streets, dirt or yellow-brick roads take you to a crossroad and there's no scarecrow to point in the right direction, you pause, think and walk... whatever direction, it is yours to make and to own. Key word: OWN. You are stronger.

When you look back and realized you are just fine after being sucker-punched in the stomach because you endured and took it in the face, you are stronger.

If you can still laugh at the absurdity of behaviors that perhaps at one point where directed at you, you are stronger.

If you see, feel, know and love with all your heart and what you see, feel, know and love is given back to you freely and unconditionally, you are stronger.

Once you see all the options, decisions, directions you and your life can embrace and clarity makes a loud and triumphant entrance to give you that final strong hold and support to again, take it in the face, you do... and you are stronger.

My friends, if we think we have hit rock bottom, fallen off the wagon, hit our lowest, then come to grips with the fact that we are still here, we are smiling, embracing life and taking it in the face... We are stronger.

Stay strong, no matter how cold it is out there. xoxo ;)  

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