Monday, April 28, 2014

No day but today...

Today is happening, right now, at this very moment. While I write this, while you read it, today is happening, at this very moment. We are here, living the often taken for granted miracle that is life. Each day is a gift, an opportunity to start anew; a second chance to make, or break an impression, a bad one that is. A day in our lives is so precious, glaring and glowing with sparkle and shine that is so blinding we don't see the beauty and uniqueness of it. A day in our lives is special, and it happens only once, today, right now, at this very moment.

So, why do we (why do I) dwell in the what ifs of tomorrow? Maybe we can't help it. Maybe at one point in our lives we learned how to plan ahead, live month to month, and operate in a system that makes us look ahead instead of looking now. I am not picking on planning ahead... Your truly had to learn to live and work in an environment that survives on "predictive modeling" and assumptions of what "may be."  There's certainly nothing wrong with that until you realize you are missing today.

There is nothing wrong with planning a new strategy for innovation, product development, communication, a vacation, an adventure. To that, I say bring it! However, careful you and I must be if the cautionary discretions we must consider in the planning of whatever brings stress, tension and unnecessary drama. What to do? What to say then?

Well, some of us unfortunately have had to endure a lesson here and there, that at certain moments of today, when drama comes, or bangs on our door like a wolf huffin' and puffin' to get in, the best thing to do is stop, think, reflect... and do the best to continue to tackle the situation from a place of love. Worst case scenario: you were part or the actual cause of the tension or drama. What to do? What to say? Maybe walking away is best. Taking yourself out of the situation and spend some time in silent reflection.Taking a time out and chill is a very scientific, yet effective way to cool off . I know, trust me, it works. What I have learned is that whatever the situation, face it head on, from a place of love.

Today is happening, right now, at this very moment and I am firm believer that if we, as imperfect humans, make mistakes, we should own them and apologize, especially if they have hurt someone deeply. Owning your mistakes and finding ways to fix them is how you learn and grow. Maybe it takes a little longer for some lessons to fully immersed themselves into your being, but with love and trust, you will get there...

Some of us may need not to only ask for forgiveness, but to forgive ourselves. A good friend reminded me yesterday not to be so hard on myself... to allow myself to forgive that I have screwed up in the past, but I am a better person now because I learned from my mistake.

Today is happening, right now, at this very moment... My wish and prayer for you all is that we remember that there is no day but today. There is no more beautiful and special time to be with the one you love than the moment you are together. There is no better time to say I love you than when you think about saying those precious words to your kids, your parents, best friends, partner in life, love and adventure. There is no better day than today to start a new project. There is no day but today to change what you know needs to change but you have been afraid to change it... There is no better time than now to even plan (maybe a little ;)) on going on retreat to get refreshed and renewed spiritually. There is no reason to worry about tomorrow because it will never exist without TODAY.

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