Sunday, May 25, 2014

Get out!

A few weeks since my last post and a lot has happened.

I could post about my last days working in higher education, after 15 years as a committed and passionate advocate for all things education, especially when it comes to values and educating for mission. That's who I was educated to be; my formation as an adult and professional. That's it for now, for I could write a book (and I will when the time is right!) about my journey navigating the fulfilling, yet often rough seas of Catholic higher education. 

I could write about my baby cousin, little sister, almost daughter (to her chagrin!) graduating from my Alma Mater and place I, we, called home and all that came with the momentous occasion. A family reunion years in the making, memory making moments only certain chosen ones will truly appreciate and the peace that comes with being around those who love you unconditionally. Pause for teary eye moment...

I could write about the incredibly special kayaking adventure exploring a former naval base on the south east coast of Puerto Rico. What a site to see. The docks, the bridges and enormous steel structures that would harbor vessels of war created to maintain order, dare I say peace, in our world. All there, all rusted and covered in algae, empty and quietly magnificently, still standing. A bit of a ghost town, where a large airplane runway grows weeds where once carriers flew in and out of. The Navy left and now there's nothing...---insert unsolicited political statement here---. Please remember all I am reporting is what I saw and the little that I know, watching from the sidelines. What came to our minds, as two explorers watching in marvel of the site before us, were questions? How sad that this space, this land and real estate is empty. Why have government officials let this happen? There are reason, I know... Research that made more damage than good, moral implications of what was happening, locally and nationally as a reason for the base's mere existence. Again, I don't know the details and certainly don't plan to cast judgment or blame. I saw an opportunity for a small town in my lovely island to grow its economy. How sad that reality is different. I could write about all that but I will stop now. Instead secretly and quietly whispering a prayer for the little town of Ceiba, Puerto Rico, that is more along the lines of "I wish Richard Branson would by the place." ;)

I could write about the last two weeks experiencing somewhat of a quick mourning period for a work environment and receive a rude awakening for a new one. The pace in my new work space in insane, but wasn't I craving that? Yes, I was. I am doer and boy am I doing. My days fly by and my learning curve slowly shrinks. My pace, I must re-adjust, for there is no "later" in this place.

What I will write this beautifully sunny, Memorial Day weekend morning, as I sit outside (and fight the glare so I can type this accurately!), finally wearing shorts, a tank, is much more simple, easy and often taken for granted. Being outside...

Yesterday, the kid and I drove a few miles south to a park and arboretum and hiked a bit. I had not realized how close we were to these trails. It was a lovely couple of hours of just being. I looked up and the sky was blue.. you know, the bright, clear baby blue that makes you smile. It had rained so the green was as bright and alive as one can describe and along with the butterflies you couldn't help but want to fly around everywhere and take it all in.

After we came home we sat outside. I love my backyard. With much love and TLC from the most devoted care-taker (not me!) my backyard has quickly become my favorite part of my house. The living room and the couch were no. 1 for years... now they settle into a comfortable no.2. I take my book and sit outside, swing on the hammock (when the kids shares) or sit at the pit waiting to decide if it will be a good night for a fire. I can only say "thank you" and I am blessed. 

Spring has come and almost gone and summer is finally knocking on the door. After surviving the worst winter in my life living in Ohio, I am grateful to live in a place where one can experience all four seasons. It is pretty cool to see the changes in the colors, feel of the wind, even the snow on the ground... I don't know how many more winters like last one I will be able to endure, but for now, today, on a sunny and 75 degree day, I am not staying indoors. :)

As I quickly close this post, I remember a few errands I need to run. YES! I get to go outside.

In a nutshell, if you can, get out and hike. If you like, get out and bike. If you swim, go find a lake. If you are alive GO OUT AND LIVE! :)

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