Sunday, June 1, 2014

Why? Don't!

Today I hiked, again, and it was wonderful. Ok, not so wonderful because I was by myself. Don't get me wrong, I love going hiking alone. It is a gift, an opportunity; an open invitation to have a conversation with God, yes, YOU above, or yourself, or nature...  Lately, though I have been going hiking along, and while that is all good, no matter how many photos I take and no matter how many uploads I make, it's not quite the same as sharing the scenery,  the view, the moment, with another person.  Oh well.. No worries, right? We deal. :)

One of the coolest things, experiences, dare I say moments in time where you change a bit for the better, I discerned about and processed today. This week was hectic, stressful and challenging to say the least, but an evening of reflection, conversation, affirmation and forgiveness, made all the difference.  Sorry, I won't share all the details. Let's just say, a friend helped me reflect and process life experiences and milestones, which in prayer and meditation, provided me with a simple reminder: why worry about what has yet to happen... yet to come, when we, I, don't know if it will happen?

It made me pause and think. I know, I am getting deep, so go get a glass of wine! ;)

I am a planner. I don't know when it started, but as long as I can remember, I have planned...I love calendars, especially, mapping them out months at a time. Exhausting, isn't it. How about you? I know there are a lot of planners out there. Here's the issue... We plan for what we think will happen, what we expect to happen... Sometimes it does indeed happen; sometimes it doesn't.  When whatever happens, a trip, a project due date, an invitation actually manifests itself in real time, we feel accomplished, fulfilled, complete. If that "something" we have been planning for doesn't happen, we are disappointed, sad, depressed, a little broken. Why?

Why do we worry about what may happen, or may not? Why do we worry for what we think is what should-a, could-a, would-a happen? Don't!

This week I was reminded of how much energy, time, and pieces of ourselves, spiritually and emotionally, we loose when we worry about the future. Who cares right? Well, we do. We, planners, do. What's going to happen in my new job? In my relationship? Am I going to be able to provide for my son when he needs me the most? The answer to these questions is often "maybe, yes, maybe, no" or who cares, or it doesn't matter.

What matters is today. Are you healthy? Yes. Are the kids healthy? Yes. Are they happy? Yes. Have you been able to provide? Yes. Do you have a job and a home, and people who love you, around you? Yes! Yes, and yes! Although, I'd like more of my loved ones to be closer in proximity, I know they are with me, in my heart.

So, to sum it all up, I am learning and accepting that I can't control many things that will come. I have to be open to them, at peace with myself, my life and confident that everything will be ok. Because why worry. Don't.  Today, I hiked on a beautiful trail, processed my day, gave thanks for friends and mentors who love and appreciate me and felt a little sad that I couldn't be with those who need me the most because of distance. You know who you are... I love you.

Let's let go of worry. It is most unwelcome in our lives. Unfortunately, it brings stress when there shouldn't be any. So why?  Why??  Don't... Just don't. Everything is going to be alright.

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