Sunday, June 22, 2014

It's OK. Let it go...

Too many thoughts in my head. Where to start, I wonder.

Do I projectile vomit (sorry for the visual) and rant on the week's events like there's no ending in sight? Believe me, like the person next to me, stress and heartache can come in every shape and size to make your living life a bit difficult at times. NO. We, I, will not dwell on that.  Why? Because it's not worth it.

We can spend our energy thinking and processing every minute of every hour analyzing and re-analyzing our very thoughts, behavior and choice of words. Exhausting, isn't it? I am tired just writing this sentence already. I admit I am sounding more like my last blog post on worrying. In other words and to recap, let's not worry about the worries of this past week.

Instead, let's focus on the positive. I for one am proud to own having embraced a new concept. It's like an old lesson we are taught early in life but we don't really appreciate or get until our mature years: the novel concept of letting go. Ha! Groundbreaking, right? ;) Well, for me it is, in a way. I have voluntarily let go of far more things than usual in the past few weeks, thanks to the help of my awesome spiritual healer, who reminded me of a few items in my luggage, pardon me, baggage, I should have let go a LONG time ago.

What have I let go you may be asking. Yeah, OK, OK, I'll tell you a few.. not all, for some are between me and my peeps "upstairs." My hope with this entry is, not for me to use it as a way of over expressing my own stuff, but to hopefully, be able to relate to many of you as fellow travelers in this incredible journey that is called life.

Ready? Here we go... I have let go of over- analyzing things. Whether it's the morning traffic, the overworked co-worked, the mean boss or the misunderstood friend, things happen. They happen and they have nothing to do with you. So why over-analyze it. Why stress about it. If you know it has nothing to do with you, or whatever is happening it is due to circumstances beyond your control, let it go. It's not you, it's that or them. Let it go.

I have let go of fear... well, not 100%, but I am getting much better at it. I mean, are we ever that brave that we are not afraid of anything in life? Some might be. I think I have been at times. All I know is that I am getting better at it. If you are afraid of something, face it. Look at it in the face, own it, live through it. Believe me, you will live to tell the tale. I have faced rejection, insecurity, pain and loss, being judged and hurt. I have had to look at it in the face. The walls and shield built to protect myself, my heart, my soul have been there in moments of need. Thank you Scarlett O'Hara. But, occasionally, the walls and shield must come down. The best thing to do after facing such fears: let it go, let them go.

INSERT commentary for comic relief here: If you are not singing or at least humming Frozen's "Let it Go" by now I will be sorely disappointed. ;)

I have had to let you of people. This is probably the hardest one, but most necessary at times. Isn't it painful to know, see, and live experiences with people who help shape who you are, yet walk away from you when life changes? Again, whether it's you that changes, circumstances, jobs, relationships, it bites. The people that perhaps were part of your support network, closest confidants and allies when turmoil was non-existent, suddenly find themselves on the opposite side of everything you hold dear. Why? Because something changed... What do you do? You fight to save the relationships, naturally, because you care. You search high and low for solutions. You over extend your welcome because in your mind you believe that will make it all better. Over and over again you knock on the door, yet no one answers. What then?

Let it go.. Let them go... For it, they, let go of you a long time ago. You just couldn't and didn't want to face it.

I huge weight lifts off your shoulders (certainly did off mine!!) when our little voice inside us said, in it's most stern, but loving, perhaps motherly way, "just do your thing and let go what you can't control anymore." The voice continues to say, in the most encouraging way, "believe in you, be YOU, what you are meant to be, do what you are meant to DO and let go of the rest."

Let's celebrate the gifts we bring to the world, to each other, and be OK with letting go of those elements of life, be it material or human, that do not add joy, blessings, support, and love to our lives...  If it's not right, if it's not bringing peace and life, and FUN, to you, to me, it's OK... let it go.

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  1. It's healthy even though sometimes we need scissors to cut those hard strings. But when you can dance freely!!!
    I love you!