Monday, July 14, 2014

Standing on Platform 39 and 3/4

As I wrapped up the day, which happens to be July 14, a historical day in Paris, also commonly known as Bastille Day, I came to only one basic and simple, yet thought provoking conclusion: today is my kid brother's birthday and if he is turning 38, this only means I will be 40 come November. GASP! ;)

Can I tell you that a few years ago I whole-heatedly believed that turning 40 would manifest the end of all existence for me, my own personified expiration date. I had other plan Bs in the works tucked away, just in case. Never the less, I am happy to report that I have not, nor will NOT expire on the 7th of November. On the contrary, I will celebrate life to the fullest. :)

I will toast my mother, who did not make it to 40, but now lives in eternal youth as a 36 yr old. I will celebrate my father and all that makes him unique in his gifts to the world. I will celebrate my brother- a toast to him today- and all the lovely (and not so lovely) memories of a childhood filled with laughter and Star Wars.

More than anything, though, as I begin this inventory of my life as a soon -to-be 40 yr old, I wanted to blog by perhaps over stating the obvious: saying thank you...

Thank you God, Jesus, Alah, Buddah, She-ra, He-man, Zeus and whoever is responsible for us mere mortals to walk this Earth... thank you...

For sunsets and sunrises... on the beach and in the mountains. 

For fire that keeps us warm at night and ice that cools the heat in the summer months.

For the beach and the ocean, the waves and the sound, as they crash on the reef.

For schools, and books and people and places. Teachers all when some don't consider themselves educators, for we all learn something new even when we don't realize it.

For new opportunities in life and work... new doors, windows (insert whatever opening you want to use here!) or follow yellow brick roads that will lead you to your destiny, or new homes, old home, home-homes, OZ. ;)  Don't forget to some times take the road less traveled... it may just make all the difference.

For laughter, for jokes and for the ability to NOT take life so seriously. To laugh at ourselves and to laugh WITH others and not AT others.

For patience and faith in those who turned their backs on us when we most needed them. For them, I smile, to them, I say hello, for the memories of the positive will always outweigh the negative.

For our kids, who grow up so fast and overnight remind us it's their turn to fly. We must do as our parents did for us... stand back and watch, with breathless, yet unconditional love and support.

For new love, hope and the chance we give ourselves at opening that very heart that has been on lockdown with a key that was cast away at sea. Thank goodness we found a way to make a copy of that key and unlock it again so it can receive and give love once more...

Finally, I am so grateful for the ability to let of go of stuff... yeah, just stuff that hung out and hovered, only to bring drama and sadness to my life. Be gone... bye bye, Life is so good, I am just letting it be and letting go of all that does not bring any joy to it. :) Life is really short, people. I was 12 yesterday, then this morning I was 21 and graduating from college. Now I am about to turn 40?? WTF?? ;)

There... not too bad for a Monday night. As I stand at Platform 39 and 3/4 waiting for my train so I can board on route to 40-Ville, I smile. To think I almost got caught in the griminess of daily stress. I stop...  Smile again... and say thank you. :)

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