Sunday, August 17, 2014

Serving a colorful bowl of everything...

Yesterday's morning was brisk, cool and sunny with very low humidity.  It felt like fall. The first thought, quickly embraced in the feeling of joy, bringing a smile to my face, only to be abruptly erased because of the obvious next one...  I love fall, yet it only leads to winter. Womp womp.
Oh well, we will deal... :)

Cue the plethora of thoughts, i.e. a cornucopia, potpourri or alphabet soup of your choice. Thanks to the simple advice of a fellow academic, after complaining of suffering from writer's block, here I am. Writing...

Oh my, James Bond was just betrayed (or so he thinks!) by loyal M and the new Q looks like he graduated from high school. SMH. Where's John Cleese? At least he was funny, in his best Monty Python way, adding a bit of humor to the British sarcastic wit that comes with the legendary innovator. ---Clarification: Skyfall is playing in the background. I had to catch up with agent 007, for I lost track of him when he suddenly turned blonde again... Ah, but what a relief. He still sports his classic Walther PPK, although he has not yet ordered a vodka martini, shaken, NOT stirred.

Focus now, or you all will start questioning or not I have ADD... Mmmmaybe?! ;)

There is absolutely no rhyme or reason for this post, other than I felt like writing and there are many thoughts sprinting inside my head as if they were training for the Chicago marathon.

Isn't it hard sometimes to pick one thought to focus on? Only one feeling to experience and live? One moment or memory to remember? So many things in our lives are connected and seem almost impossible to separate and certainly, isolate. While we, as individuals often feel the need for isolation, perhaps for the sake of reflection, we are all connected. Hence, my current A-HA moment!

It's OK to feel different feelings at the same time, and OK to mix emotions. For example, one moment you are delighted while "virtually" celebrating a friend's birthday, immediately you switch to feeling sad because you are not there in person. It's OK. It's part of life. It's all connected.

No, the A-HA moment was not the realization itself, but the sense of peace, yes another emotion, added to the already colorful bowl of everything going through a heart and mind. It's OK. It's part of life, it's all connected... and I am OK with it. In other words, at this very moment, I sit typing this entry, while the kid is upstairs reading his new Marvel superhero book, I am feeling all kinds of things: proud as a mom, loved as a girlfriend, challenged as a daughter, supported as a friend and intellectually stimulated as a student of everything life and school has to offer.

I hope you all have the blessing to compartmentalize if you have the need; to isolate while connecting for your own peace of mind;  to embrace what comes, and celebrate the intricacies that every day, the simplest or complex days, may bring. And that you do all of this with an open heart and from a place of love. 

May all this help you enjoy a colorful bowl of everything as a new week begins... ;)

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