Wednesday, February 11, 2015

David Lee Roth v. Sammy Hagar

In pondering the thought provoking invitation to consider, and also choose which lead singer better suits the infamous rock band, Van Halen,  my conclusion follows.

David Lee Roth, crazy hair, sexy, deep voiced and quite the fun-loving boy represents the youth and discovery years, which for me, were the beginning of my love for MTV, et al. 1984 is probably one of the best albums that represent the 80s generation x's early appreciation of videos and long hair! ;)

While fans had to deal witn the fact that DLR was far too focused on his own ego by becoming "Just a Gigolo", he was somebody and gave us a treat in his solo albums, including introducing a new generation to "California Girls" - thanks Dave. ;)

In comes Sammy Hagar... a raspy voiced,  pseudo beach-bum that could easily pass as a permanent resident of Margaritaville. He also can't drive 55.... but we give me a chance. 

Numbers, numbers, I hate numbers,  and what do we get: 5150. The sound sounds similar... a familiar tone, beautifully married to the sounds of Eddie's electric guitar.  Again, Sammy's raspy voice serenades the hard core fans to "What can't this be love"  and I'm entranced. Next thing you know, I ask for the LP for my birthday. Then.... I discovered "Dreams" and that cemented my role as a fan.

In conclusion.... both singers were perfect for the band at the time they were fhe height of their original  and complimentary popularity. However, to me, DLR represents the young Van Halen, jumping and being  hot for teacher. Sammy is the slightly more mature Van Halen,  giving to us a glimpse of hope, love and dreams, deeper and more meaningful than a spring break in Panama.

My choice is clear... I hope. ;)

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