Saturday, February 21, 2015

When asked what is romantic love to you, I answer...

Romantic love can mean many things to different people.  Yes, it can be the Disney fairy tale some of us princesses dream off, or the instant connection made when two eyes meet and with no words to describe, a sensation of comfort, sprinkled with butterflies fluttering inside one's stomach, that sends a signal to your heart,  saying "I like this.  This feels good, keep going."
Love can also be that same feeling of comfort when two people share common thoughts,  goals, values, likes and even dislikes. Sometimes it comes quickly, other times ....with time.
Love has to develop, whether thunderbolt or gradual,  built on a foundation of respect for the other person. With no respect, no relationship lasts. But, let me add that when I speak of respect, it can't only be respect for the other half. I also mean, self - respect. Respecting yourself enough to know right from wrong.  If a person doesn't respect his/herself, one's own thoughts,  feelings and opinions can get lost in the fictional land of "I just want what you want." That same  place, however, can certainly exist,  if and only IF both parties are in true,  whole - heartedly honest about their thoughts,  feelings and opinions and it by providence,  all are in sync to please each other,  in some compromise,  so be it.... buy land and set up shop.
Love is compromise and I can't stress that enough.  Revisiting the same statement above on being honest, that compromise has to either come naturally or in unison,  based on understanding,  conversation and openness if/when there's a disagreement.
No relationship can be one-sided. A relationship, by definition,  includes more than person. Not everyone is the same,  no one is perfect..but how cool is it when two imperfect people find love and common ground to make perfect love. .. and by perfect love I mean whatever it means to them. We are all different and different is good sometimes.
Love is fun... oh so much fun. It is not meant to hurt, but to make you smile from ear to ear and to want to hold the other person's hand, and hug them as often as it's humanly possible.  Love is asking how's your day going or how was it when there's stress in the air.... love is listening to the other person, telling the fun story as well as the serious one.
Love is taking note of those little things that may offend the other person,  and (reference back to honesty and respect) either do them lightly without offense or if the offences take place and it was not meant to be hurtful, own up to it and apologize. There can at times, nothing more loving than an honest apology when due and spoken with heart.  It shows vulnerability,  humanness and responsibility.  A responsibility for the feelings of the other and a responsibility for oneself.
Love is opportunity and not wasting it by not telling those who mean a lot to you how much that is...
Love is taking risks, leaps of faith, with the understanding that the leaps may scrape the knees if falling to fast. If it's worth the fall, jump!
In a nutshell,  I love love,  even when it hurts... I believe in it, in all of it and I pray and hope that as I, like you and many other people, experience a light or severe case of love sicknesses,  we quickly recover with an open heart and a healthy soul to journey on...

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